Pretty Printed Pants

Or as the British say “Trousers.” [Fancy.]

Growing up, a lot of our vacations were spent in Ballwin, MO visiting my dad’s sisters and parents. Even with one suitcase she shared with my dad, she would still have perfectly prepared outfits for each day that matched the occasion. I always loved these fancy pants of hers and she loved pairing it with either this blouse or a loose deconstructed blazer. In this photo, my grandparents — Mama Rose & Papa Ceto — are showing her and my Uncle Monet (in the background) the vegetable garden diligently sowed by my Uncle Naning during a lunch at his and my Tita (Aunt) Josie’s home after church.*

This season, mom would surely adore these flower power slacks. I can see her matching it with her many tops—and purses. I would probably wear it similarly with a tee. Now if I can just find these turquoise shoes too, I’ll be good to go!

*Editorial note: I’m sure they are all enjoying my Uncle Naning’s garden in heaven as all—including my Uncle Naning—have passed on. I know they are watching over us always. Rest in peace, my family.

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